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What Am I Up To?

Harris' Heroes


Michael Replogle being interviewed for the Harris' Heroes segment on NBC 4 about his time as the director of the Fairfax Academy for Arts & Communication theatre programs and his direction of A Chorus Line in 2020.

Twelve Angry Men

The promotion trailer for Twelve Angry Men at the American Century Theater, 2015.

"Both of these outstanding performances

[byJuror 3 and Juror 10] are capped by emotional, intensely frustrated monologues and the two actors were so refreshingly believable. The main antagonists, the two of them were absolutely highlights of the wonderful show."

Karim Doumar, DC Metro Theater Arts-


"Lebens' substantial stage chops are matched, point for point, by Michael Replogle as Juror 3, whose passion to convict masks the reality that he himself could just as easily have been the murder victim."

-Andrew White,

Judgement at Nuremberg

"Replogle stands out in all his scenes but is spellbinding in the scene where he expresses contrition for the crimes he has committed."

David Friscic, DC Metro Theater Arts-


"Replogle handles this key scene with skill, passion, and legal efficiency, delivering it with all the balance and effectiveness the playwright could ever have hoped for."

-Terry Ponick, Communities Digital News-

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